About Us

Our company was founded in 1999 as “Imfalt Yol Yapı” and introduced to the sector with infrastructure projects. Our company was able to make a name in both national and international platforms within a short period of time thanks to its’ organization and performance developed in light of innovative and foresighted mindset of its’ management team.

As of today “Imfalt Yol Yapı” became a focal point in our sector by virtue of the projects it finalized.

Our company “Imfalt Yol Yapı” undertakes projects with different institutions both in private and public sectors by means of its machinery-equipment park which has value of over USD 20 Million together with its technological and administrative infrastructure and its credibility to provide financing tools. Moreover, it has successfully completed large-scale projects from all over the world by continuing to undertake technological and industrial infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Projects include;

  • Motorways and highways
  • Large-Small Structure Buildings
  • Bridges and Viaducts
  • Drainage Systems
  • Railways and subway systems
  • Tunnels
  • Airports

“Imfalt Yol Yapı” will continue its projects by keeping up with the innovations led by 21st century, as it has done so until today without any sacrifise from its’ quality and determination.

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